Photography from an Arabian Souq

Photography from an Arabian Souq

My father, brothers and I set off to Qatar last week to visit some old family friends. Of course, when going abroad though you can’t help but go sightseeing. We ended up visiting a handful of places including Souq Waqif (Arabian market in Doha, Qatar). The souq was very impressive with its traditional buildings, narrow walkways and endless stalls just waiting to be explored and lost in. Anything from Islamic clothing and perfumes to pets and nuts could be found there. There was an area dedicated to tourists, filled with trinkets and souvenirs, however, I preferred to explore the more authentic sections of the souq filled with a rainbow of fabrics and shawls.

We took a total of 3 trips to the souq and it’s definitely quieter in the day. At night the lights come on and all the hustle and bustle begins as the alleys quickly fill up transporting you back centuries, just in time for dinner, where You can find a range of different cuisines from Indian curries to traditional Thai delicacies, and finish off with some aromatic coffee and halwa (Arab sweets).

The walkways were well maintained and spotlessly clean which was a nice surprise. Throughout the souq there where plenty of well-placed maps for when you’re lost, want to revisit a stall or just find your way out at the end of the day.

As for the weather in Doha, January was perfect for me. The temperature was cool enough that I wasn’t sweating away but also hot enough that we could just go out in light clothing and enjoy the sun and heat. During the evening it cooled down, but no extra layers were needed for someone coming from the UK.

Annoyingly, I get very self-conscious when taking photos in well-populated places, my thoughts always lead to one place “if they dislike it and ask me to delete the pictures it will be so embarrassing”. Therefore, inevitably I didn’t get many pictures, which is any photographer ’s nightmare, especially when it’s travel photography as it’s now or never – unless you return of course.

What do you think of my photos?

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