Squirrel Diaries

Squirrel Diaries

Lately, my grandma has been leaving nuts outside her back door and this certain squirrel keeps returning for his the treats. I spotted him on Monday munching away on the patio. When he started to move further down the garden I came outside and slowly started creeping up towards him. He was perched on a low branch and I managed to get surprisingly close.  As I was moving closer and closer I could see him watching me through his beady little eyes,

however, he just sat there observing my movements knowingly. It was only when the distance between us became less than 5 feet that he started moving away, and that’s when I took these pictures. I never thought that squirrels were particularly smart but this guy definitely is.

I don’t think he lives in the garden as he seems to come and go over the fence. One thing I wonder is how a squirrel can survive out in the cold especially when it goes below freezing, their fur must be incredibly insulating. Whilst he does tend to have is fur sticking out he doesn’t shiver or look cold.

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