Skyline Nightmares

Skyline Nightmares

City skylines are one of those snaps everyone has to get. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to stop and get a picture of the standard skyline in Doha, instead, we got pictures from what I believe was the side of it. So there was a bunch of skyscrapers but not many of the wow ones were visible, at least not from the front.

My dad’s friend took us to take the pictures. It was a nice place, although I was pretty frustrated at the time as I wanted the real skyline. Opposite the skyscrapers, there was a beautiful mosque. The mosque was ginormous and apparently, it never gets more than half full.

It was definitely a spectacular piece of architecture and so was the car park. The car park lights did feel like a waste of electricity unless it’s all renewable.

We went there near the end of our trip and there wasn’t another chance to get pictures of the real skyline. I did see the skyline whilst driving past in the car but getting a photo is definitely different for someone who’s into photography. If I were to visit Qatar again I’d definitely have to prioritize snapping the skyline, especially at night.

Normally when people visit Qatar they take a trip to the corniche for pictures of the skyline. Our time there just seemed to vanish though and before we knew it we were back on the plane.

We finished the day off with pizza from Papa Johns, I much prefer pizza hut, especially for the cheese.

Photography from an Arabian Souq

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