Along The Coast

Along The Coast

I’ve visited the mediterranean sea a total of 4 times this spring, a cycling trip in March and 3 walks this April.

Cycling is a lot easier of course but it’s hard to observe your surroundings as your rushing past everything. For a photographer, it’s definitely not easy as you have to position your bike in the right direction and get your camera out. Whilst with walking all that’s required is a quick jog to catch up with the rest of your group afterwards.

The weather is more or less perfect for walking along the coast at the moment. There is a lovely cool breeze coming in off the sea, so the heat is not noticeable. Compared with March, in April when the sun is up high, it can be quite hot and very bright.

There’s always people out fishing along the seafront and sometimes hunting under the rocks when the tide is out. I think I’d like to try fishing one day, but it looks pretty complicated, also it takes a lot of dedication and patience to just sit still for hours. Knowing me I’d probably fall asleep and miss any passing fish.

At the right time of day, there’s a chance of spotting the local fishing boats out at sea. Seagulls are often seen tailing the boats trying to collect an easy snack.

The Mediterranean sea last year

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