Too many pictures

Too many pictures

One of the problems I find with photography is that I take an awful lot of pictures. When taking these flower close-ups 2 weeks ago I took a total of 138 photos. I have only used 13-14 of the photos I took that afternoon. It’s unlikely for me to go back and use any of the leftover pictures and I never tend to have the will power to just delete the rest or at least the blurry trashy ones.

The excessive number of photos normally just sit there filling up space on my numerous SD cards. Lately, I haven’t gotten round to emptying the cards either, so I’m currently gathering a little collection of filled cards. When I can’t find a card with free space on it I will generally just delete a few things so that I have enough space for the pictures I want to take at the time.

I’m not sure how I’d have coped before the digital age of photography, with the limited amount of space on costly rolls of film I’d be bankrupt and have piles of processed images and rolls of film laying around the house.

More flowers from this shoot

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